Small Hill Asylum

Small Hill Asylum lies outside your peaceful town. You were told as a kid to never go near where the institution is. There were always rumours of escaped patients, deranged doctors and inhumane experiments that came from the place.

Your friend who is a reporter was last seen entering the compounds of the asylum followed by an explosion hours later that was heard miles away. The police and even the military was called to the scene. It has been two days and no one has heard anything from anyone – not even the authorities were anywhere to be seen.

Worried abou your friend and feeling frustrated, you gather the rest of your gang and descend into the madness of SMALL HILL ASYLUM.

Warning: Scary atmosphere included. No jump scares guaranteed.


Mon - Fri
MYR 35.00

Student (Mon - Fri)
MYR 30.00

Sat - Sun (and public holidays)
MYR 38.00


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